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New Laws on Gambling in Prishtina


Mayor of Pristina , Shpend Ahmeti, together with the Vice President , Dardan Sejdiu , held a press conference on the issue of gambling.

1526559_599961496740368_1264107196_nLaw on Games…which Kosovo has since 2012, has recently updated the issue of gambling location. We have raised this issue during the campaign, and will continue to work further in this direction, for the implementation of this law. 

In the municipality of Pristina , are some provisions that require that casinos be 1.5 km from the public institutions , educational and religious institutions , and betting, must be at least 500 meters distance from the same institutions .

On December 27, 2013, we received a letter from the Tax Administration, through the Ministry of Finance, which required us to make a map with educational and religious institutions, with radius 500 meters, in ways that TAK be more easily identifying branches that gambling should not be open…

1003934_599961146740403_1246034548_nWe sent a letter today to the Ministry of Finance, together with a map prepared by the Department of Urban and Spatial Planning.

We call TAK to quickly begin implementing the law, which means the closure or relocation of these branches of gambling where permitted by law.

We as the Municipality of Prishtina, our directories, are in full readiness to assist in the implementation of this law in Pristina.



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