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No Direct Flights to London since Belle Air was Declared Bankrupt

A Petition has now been started by Albanians in London for a Direct Flight with Wizz Air.

Before the Turkish-French consortium Limak-Aéroports de Lyon took over Adem Jashari Airport in Prishtina, there were regular flights to London and they were always full. Then after a disagreement with the new owners, British Airways pulled out and the only airline with direct flights was Belle Air. Last month Belle Air was declared bankrupt and they suspended all flights. Now Prishtina has no direct flights to London.


When BA were flying 3 days a week to London the flights were full, with Internationals flying back and forth to London and the diaspora who return every summer to visit relatives in Kosovo.

Turkish Airlines flight to London takes the longest with a stopover in Istanbul and all on other airlines the 3hr flight can take up to 14hrs. The cheapest and best option is to travel to Macedonia and fly from Skopje Airport which has a direct flight to Luton Airport with Wizz Air.

The Kosovo ex-pats who live in England are now fighting back, by starting a petition to get Wizz Air to fly direct from London to Prishtina.

Please follow the link below to sign the petition to get a direct flight between Prishtina and London.




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