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Illegal and Dangerously Built Properties Demolished Around the World.

Since the war in Kosovo,  Prishtina has been taken over by illegal ugly apartment blocks, where houses once stood. Why have a beautiful house, when you can squeeze an eight story apartment block into the footprint of the house?  Only they don’t use the footprint of the house, instead, using every centimetre of the land. To hell with the property next door.


They build within centimetres of the next building. As the apartment block grows, the surrounding buildings lose all their daylight. Balconies have views of brick walls, just centimetres away. One day you have a view the next day you don’t. Every inch of space in Pristina is grabbed by greedy, criminal property developers, who don’t care about the restrictions or safety, as long as they can squeeze as many apartments as they can, into the space.


Some developers build a few floors to start with and then at a later date to add a few more. Even an area which has a building regulation against apartment blocks, where only houses can be built, doesn’t stop them. Illegal apartments have been built. Not only illegal but lethal, with electricity cables running through the public areas like garlands, but with no lighting.

Other apartments don’t even have a right angle in them, with rooms of one dimension at one end, gradually getting narrower at the other. Developers don’t care about this. They just want the money. The occupiers then have the problem of fitting in rugs that have to be turned under at one end if they are going to fill the space at the other end. Tiled floors are a good give away, of the bad workmanship, especially in the public areas.


Then there are the blocks of apartments built on unstable land, which are completely dangerous. Heavy rain or a leaking pipe, could see these building come tumbling down. We have already seen part of the road disappear in heavy rain. I have been told by so many people that the land is not stable, it is common knowledge here, but still they keep building.

Thredbo Dissaster 1997

Thredbo Dissaster 1997

You don’t think this can happen here, well look what happened in Thredbo in Australia in 1997. Water from the top the hill, made the land unstable and the building at the top slid down into the one below and so on. The 19 people, who were sleeping in the buildings at the time were killed, but in Prishtina the death toll would be much higher.

These criminal developers will be the ones who will be taken to court for compensation for all the deaths. Every government official who gave permission for these apartments to be built will, one day pay compensation, much, much more than the bribe they took in the first place.

We have also seen an illegal development, break a water pipe and leave three quarters of Prishtina without water and residents of a neighbouring building be evacuated.

Just in the last 2 years there are new apartment blocks popping up everywhere which will lead to hundreds of people moving into an area which is only services by a single road. There is no parking for the cars and it only adds to the transport problem. Not to mention illegal electricity cables.

In Prizren developers have been setting fire to listed houses, just so that they can build apartment blocks. They are destroying the prettiest town in Kosovo.

Prishtina has to destroy the illegal buildings to bring back the beauty and take a stand against the criminal developers. They are the ones who took money from the sales, of the apartments, then they should be liable to pay them back.  Pay back the money, or go to jail, that will stop a lot of money laundering.

The locals want illegal buildings to be demolished, but the international community will say, you can’t do that. What hypocrites, when every country in the world demolish illegal buildings.


Spanish authorities have recently started demolishing all the houses that did not meet building regulations. Spain has approximately three million homes standing empty due to the property crash in 2007. Up to a third of these properties may have been built illegally due to corruption in the construction industry and town halls.

Many Britons have seen their dream of owning a Spanish home turn into a nightmare; especially those whose homes have been deemed 'illegal' and demolished Photo: Robert Brook / Alamy

Many Britons have seen their dream of owning a Spanish home turn into a nightmare; especially those whose homes have been deemed ‘illegal’ and demolished Photo: Robert Brook / Alamy

Couple’s dream Spanish home demolished by planning officials after villa was built by rogue developer without permission


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A house built without planning permission has been knocked down, following enforcement action taken by a London council.

The illegally-erected house was built in Walthamstow, north east London, without planning permission.

The owners of the property applied for retrospective planning permission to retain the dwelling after it was erected, but this was refused by the Waltham Forest Council in 2011.

They then appealed to the planning inspectorate, which sided with the council. This led to Waltham Forest instigating enforcement action in the shape of a notice requiring the demolition of the unauthorised house in September 2012.

The enforcement notice required demolition of the illegal dwelling by January 2013, but the owner missed the deadline, only knocking it down last month.

The council pursued a prosecution in the courts and on Friday the owners of the property Slot UK Ltd, at Thames Magistrates Court pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the enforcement notice. The company was fined £5,000 and ordered to pay costs of £1,458.

Clyde Loakes, deputy leader of Waltham Forest Council, said: ‘It really does beggar belief that in this day and age people think that it would be acceptable to simply build a house wherever they felt like it.

‘I can only assume that the owner thought if they built it then we wouldn’t take such drastic action as to see it demolished. Well they were wrong. In this case they demolished it themselves when forced to, but in a similar case a couple of months ago we sent contractors in to demolish an unauthorised property.’


Authorities begin destruction of illegal properties across Bulgaria


Illegally built houses are to be flattened as the Directorate for National Construction Supervision will commence an operation that will see 15 buildings razed to the ground. The action will be a part of a wider operation which will affect other parts of the country as well.

The homes and villas earmarked for demolition are in the village of Stavre Dimitrovo, near the Ivailovgrad dam, private television channel bTV reported on March 30 2011.

Some of the highest concentration of illegal construction anywhere in the country is located in this village, also known as the “merry village” or the “customs village”, due to its close proximity to the Turkish border.

While in Australia property developers have been fined $380,000 for clearing land so they could build.

So if it can be done in all these other countries it can be done here and Prishtina will change from an Ugly Duckling into a Swan.




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