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Blackwater, SADAT and the IHH

Turkey are following in the footsteps of the USA, by subcontracting their dirty work to private security firms and so-called charitable foundations.

by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yuva

The İHH serving food on their iftar trip to Rakka, during which it is claimed they smuggled weapons to al-Nusra.

The İHH serving food on their iftar trip to Rakka, during which it is claimed they smuggled weapons to al-Nusra.

Blackwater USA is an American civil security firm of a military nature. The difference between it and typical private security companies is its use of personnel with military training and military hardware. It was founded in North Carolina by former Navy SEALs Erik Prince and Al Clark in 1997.

The company operates bomb sniffer dog, police organisation training, and military grade protection services within US borders. Besides these, it also provided security for US offices and personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Baghdad government cancelled its “licence” in 2007, amidst accusations of “bombing activities, abductions and assassinations.”

This is the company which played a leading role in the torture in Iraq. Experts in assassination, sabotage, abduction, blackmail, and explosion techniques in every type of bomb apparatus. These talents have been abundantly proven in and outside the USA. This is the institution that puts into practice the most immoral and lawless acts of imperialism. It covers the duties it performs in its state’s dirty wars with its definition as a “private security firm.” This company, which operates legally, implements every kind of unlawful act for the USA or whichever side pays its wages.

Erik Prince, the founder of the company, which changed its name to Xe Services LLC in order to hide its notoriety, sold his shares in the company for millions of dollars to an investment firm called USTC Holdings LLC in 2010. Tedd Wright, who after Prince took the helm of the company, now located near to the CIA headquarters in Virginia, announced that because the “Blackwater” name was “worn out,” the firm’s logo would be changed to “Academi.” In the Western world, there are dozens of such companies, which “commit murder in exchange for murder.”

The greatest “merit” of these dark companies is that they run wars “on commission” in others’ place. The best-known of these companies are the Vinnel Corporation Resume Wizard, which is tasked with training the Saudi military occupying Bahrain; G4S – Specialist – Task Force Falcon, active in Kosovo; and Pacific Architects & Engineers Career Opportunities, which is connected to Lockheed, the largest weapons manufacturer in the USA. Another of their “merits” is their involvement in gun and drug smuggling. Their organic links with radical organisations are strong all over the world, but particularly in areas where these are organised on an ethnic or sectarian basis. Besides these military structures, there are a great many “civil society” organisations and “peace and democracy” institutes which serve the USA’s imperialist aims.

In Turkey, the company making significant steps down the Blackwater path is SADAT. This is a “Private Security Firm” established by former soldiers whose relations with the Army were cut because of their involvement in “reactionary activities.” The claims made about this organisation are extremely serious.

“Six articulated lorries with Beligan licence plates pulled up in Istanbul’s container port and unloaded military equipment to be sent to the Syrian opposition. These vehicles were carrying combat equipment for SADAT. The crates, carrying SADAT labels, were carried to İskenderun [South Turkey] seaport under escort in “military shipment” class. It is known that the SADAT organization announces on its webpage that they provide weapons to the countries they made an agreement with and take a comission from this business.

SADAT, which trains and provides military equipment for groups fighting against the Syrian administration, has sent its latest shipment to İskenderun port, where it is believed that it will pass to their official, Said Ubeyd. The Blackwater-type, semi military autonomous organisation, which has come to the agenda named as the AKP’s private army, SADAT is training and providing weaponry for the military forces of USA-sided governments in the geographical area of the ‘Arab Spring.’ ”

There are now local private security firms and “Human Aid” institutions doing the AKP government’s bidding on commision. The AKP government has given the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İHH), which supports Sharia-based organisations such as the Taliban, ISIS and al-Qaeda, the authority to ‘collected aid without permission.’ The organisation has also been given the permission to gather charity from schools. The IHH, which brought food for iftar to an al-Nusra-controlled town in Syria, at the same time using the opportunity to provide the terrorist fighters with logistical support, and which supports many organisations such as al-Qaeda and the Taliban, has been given the authority to gather charitable contributions without permit across Turkey. The IHH, which is a tool to supply arms, food and assistance to gangs which commit war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and many other countries around the world, has been given this permit-free status by the government.

This authority had been previously given to other associations which had been mixed up with corruption scandals in the past, such as “Deniz Feneri” and “Kimse Yokmu.” During the month of Ramadan, the IHH brought lorry loads of food for iftar to al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, in the town of Rakka which was under their control. There are claims that the lorries, which were allowed to cross the border into Syria without being searched, were carrying weapons and medical supplies. The IHH published pictures of their iftar feast with al-Nusra on their website. The [official government news agency] Anatolian Agency (AA) also disclosed the pictures to its members on 23 July 2013.

On the date of the iftar, Rakka was under the control of al-Nusra. The İHH transferred a convoy of 160 volunteers from the “Eid in Syria” convoy, which passed through Turkey from the UK, into Syria. When the claims emerged that the IHH had provided aid to al-Qaeda, the photographs were removed from the AA archive and the IHH site. We have obviously taken greats steps on the road to becoming “Little America.” However much the AKP boast of this fact, it is too little.




2 thoughts on “Blackwater, SADAT and the IHH

  1. ‘G4S – Specialist – Task Force Falcon, active in Kosovo’,….Would love to know where the author get this information from. G4S is definitely not and has never been registered as a security services provider in Kosovo….!!!

    Posted by Johann Smith | December 17, 2013, 12:11 am

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