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Flag Day in Kosovo, but Isa Mustafa Spoils the Party

This is a public holiday when the Albanians in Kosovo celebrate Albania’s Independence Day. The red and black flags fly everywhere and most of the shops have their window displays in red and black.


In Prishtina, Mother Theresa Boulevard is at its busiest, as people take advantage of the holiday and walk under the red and black flags and take photos of the huge flags flying from buildings.

The people of Prishtina are celebrating, but with only days to the second election for Mayor of Prishtina, Isa Mustafa has decided to put obstacles along Mother Theresa Boulevard on this special day. He has decided to use this day, in the middle of the day, to put up the Christmas lights and decorations. Almost blocking the way with trucks and cherry pickers.

Relying on votes from the outer suburbs, he knows the people in Prishtina will not vote for him, so he is punishing them, by his actions. This is the man who has practically destroyed Prishtina, with his illegal building policy, who is showing his true colours with today’s actions.

It just goes to show, he does nothing for the people of the city, which presides over and is only interesting making money out of them.

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An Update on this story

On the following day, friday the flags, along with the Xmas decorations were taken down. On saturday they started to put up the Christmas decorations. Interestingly enough it is only taking two vehicles to do this. Which only goes to prove that blocking Mother Theresa with all these vehicles on Flag day was totally unnecessary and a spiteful act by Isa Mustafa.



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