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The Legacy of Isa Mustafa, Mayor of Prishtina

Save Prishtina from this Man!!!

Why would anyone vote for the man who has virtually destroyed Prishtina in his time as Mayor. Can anyone really be this stupid? Or are they getting paid to vote?

images (4)Isa Mustafa, 62, began his political career in the 1980s, heading the municipal government of Prishtina from 1984 to 1988, a position to which he returned in 2007 when he beat deputy head of the PDK Fatmir Limaj in the mayoral race.

In the municipal elections of 2009, Mustafa was re-elected as mayor of Prishtina, this time without the need for a run-off, after the PDK’s negative campaign against him worked in his favour.

During the 1990s, Mustafa lived in exile mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Albania, Slovenia and Croatia after an arrest warrant for him was issued by the Serbian regime. He became minister of economy and finances of the government of the Republic of Kosova, in exile, headed by Bujar Bukoshi.

He returned to Kosovo after the end of the war in 1999, working at the Riinvest Institute and the University of Prishtina, before becoming senior political advisor to the then President of Kosovo, Fatmir Sejdiu in 2006.

Mustafa took the presidency of the LDK from incumbent Sejdiu on 7 November 2010 after gaining more votes in the party’s internal elections.

Sejdiu, who had resigned as president of Kosovo after the Constitutional Court ruled he could not hold a political position simultaneous to the presidency, is therefore considered to have been out-manoeuvred by Mustafa.

Do you really want this man to continue destroying Prishtina?

This is the Legacy he has given the people of Prishtina in his term as Mayor. A complete devastation of illegally built apartments, which do not have enough parking. No infrastructure to cope with this building boom. Hundreds of apartments in areas with just narrow roads.

Who in their right mind would vote for this man. If you are paid to vote for this man, you will be the loser, in the end and Prishtina will be worse off.


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6 thoughts on “The Legacy of Isa Mustafa, Mayor of Prishtina

  1. banesat ne prishtin dhe koridoret e tyre jan si me kond koridore hajmit socialantit ne gjermani

    Posted by ylli | November 25, 2013, 10:37 pm
  2. Shqipetaret jane ne gjendje qmos me bo veq me rnu ne Prishtine jep men ku nuk ka.

    Posted by Jetoni | November 26, 2013, 9:22 am
  3. The title of the article does a really good job hooking the reader, but in the same time makes everyone who is able to see changes for good in Prishtina during the time that Prof. Isa Mustafa was mayor of Prishtina feel stupid.
    First of all the article doesn’t have an author. It says that it was posted by friends of Kosovo, but I don’t think that a website is able to write by their own. Second, who is this author that has the right to call stupid 57% of the voters in 2009 elections in Prishtina, who voted for Prof. Isa Mustafa, or about 34,000 voters in these elections in 2013. Third , the author wrote about Prof. Isa Mustafa’s biography in six out of eight paragraphs that the article has. The title of the article was “Save Prishtina from this man” but most of the article talks about the successful career of the current mayor.
    Obviously the author, and as I can see the whole website supports Prof. Isa Mustafa’s competitor in these elections, Mr. Shpend Ahmeti from VV.
    In my opinion the citizens of Prishtina can save their city by voting Prof. Isa Mustafa because the changes for good are more than obvious to those who want to see. Just to remind you, during these 4 years, Prof. Isa Mustafa together with his staff set an example for every other city in Kosovo and in the region how you should manage the taxes of your population.
    As for the illegally built apartments in Prishtina, Mr. Shpend Ahmeti should consider crushing down his own apartment first since it is illegal, and then start with the others, if he ever gets that chance.

    Posted by Nderim | November 26, 2013, 8:13 pm
    • Nderim, the “news” and other rumors about the alleged illegal apartment of Mr. Ahmeti are not true. They were launched by Gazeta Express, which is the equivalent of a political party manifesto of PDK, Hashim Thaçi’s party.

      Fearful that after Prishtina, the Vetëvendosje movement will win the general elections in Kosova, PDK and LDK have merged their propaganda machines and are using a “spaghetti approach” to prevent Vetëvendosje’s young, educated, optimistic leaders – hoping that eventually something will stick!

      In addition to this, you can add the Berat Buzhalas’ and other PDK chronies who have personal “beef” with Vetëvendosje, since it exposed their corruption and personal ties to organized crime in Kosova.

      Posted by Dardan | November 27, 2013, 12:28 am
      • Dardan, the fact that Mr.Ahmeti doesn’t own that apartment doesn’t mean that he didn’t live in it. However, whether it is his apartment or not is not important at all. It is important that VV is using propaganda to convince people that Mr.Mustafa has done a bad job and that the city of Prishtina has been destroyed by him.

        How come that these “Vetëvendosje’s young, educated, optimistic leaders” promise that Prishtina will have no water problems if they win the elections, when there’s an ongoing project that will solve these problems? In addition, Mr.Ahmeti promises that he will increase the pensions. Having knows that pensions are the governments competence not the municipality’s we can come to a conclusion that this is a fake promise.

        Furthermore, Mr. Ahmeti promises a better city for teachers and doctors. He said that under his management the municipality of Prishtina will build apartments for people of these professions. What about people who have other professions, where are their apartments? I believe that it is not necessary to remind you that we are a democratic country where everyone is equal. I don’t see equality in Mr. Ahmeti’s promises. This reminds me of Kosovo before the war under Yugoslavia where people of certain professions got apartments for free by the government. People of Kosovo didn’t want that kind of reign, and I’m sure they don’t want a person who follows the ideology of socialism to manage their city.

        Mr. Ahmeti has been criticizing Mr. Mustafa regarding the public transportation of Prishtina, and one of his major promises is that Prishtina will have an organized and well functioning public transportation. It is true that public transportation doesn’t function quite well. Prishtina’s public transportation has been under the management of Kosova Privacy Agency until the last year and then it passed to municipality of Prishtina. Taking this responsibility, Mr. Mustafa and his staff started studying the problems and came up with a plan to solve all the problems. The studying took a while but it provided solutions and information that even Mr. Ahmeti used in his campaign. Until now, under Mr. Mustafa’s management (1 year) the income of public transportation increased for 25%, fiscal arcs have been placed, busses and cars of Urban Traffic have been equipped with GPS, petrol consumption has been reduced, and the problems with salaries of the employees have been solved.

        These were the major three promises of Mr. Ahmeti, promises for projects that are already being completed or promises that can never be fulfilled. As we can see, VV didn’t compose a program based on reliable information and facts that fit within the municipality’s budget.

        As for the purchased land by Mr. Mustafa, if you have any facts you can present them to the corresponding institutions.

        Posted by Nderim | November 27, 2013, 4:24 pm
  4. The article neglects to mention hundreds of hectares of land in the Butovc area of Prishtina, which has been purchased for ridiculously low amounts and or illegally privatized by Mr. Mustafa for future sale at inflated prices – after the city brings the roads and electricity to the area. This is a fragrant abuse of power for personal gain!

    Posted by Dardan | November 27, 2013, 12:33 am

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