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Turkish Prime Minister delivers Poison to the Albanian People Through the Veil and Green Tie

by Aslan Dibrani

In recent years, frequent visits of Turkish officials in Kosovo these days is their boss Recep Tayyip Erdogan , a negative signal with an extraordinary visit protocol type that should have two states . He disembark with 600 people, almost the half of his cabinet came to Kosovo, to find an inauguration of a new terminal at the airport.


Even tender to acquire the firm, was a scandal of their own rank, which gave a Turkish company with a concession period of 20 years duration. In this tender participated and competed in many countries economic prestige and rank me higher than Turkey. Turkish Prime Minister comes in the midst of the election campaign and is not believed to have been shot by accident when it was decided to keep the ceremony. But, as is evident, for governments are able to present desperate to support someone in the election campaign.This phenomenon is a thing that is happening for a long time as a sign of friendship existing between the two countries, Turkey and Kosovo, what if this friendship is coming out in favor of Turkey to Kosovo butt to use as political and religious purposes but also a channel to move to western countries market through Kosovo .

Head of the Turkish government and his staff , with green tie and wife to cover their accompanying delegation and encouraged as a group elektrizuan non-Albanian women . From the appearance but also the origin that you saw resemble Turkish and Roma women who tried to rally in downtown Pristina with slogans against the headscarf ban in schools.

Participants in the rally were protesting tens , which sought to destroy our culture through the veil tons , terrorizing our Albanian flag . Roma and Slavic Turkish waste rape our identity . Albanian woman not put a head scarf ! Albanian protest no ! ! ! .

image003The few dozen or protest banners were presented with additional , ” my style , my life ,” then ” My cover my right ” etc. . As bad as that to the public after a sounder called and struggled as deemed benefit amount , if not ignored Albanians supported and remain disappointed , angry braying road again Turkish , Serbian, Arabic and had the time to the cheers magjupisht apparently encountered calling them ‘ deaf ears ‘ of the Albanians and farsighted layers were not supportive .

Protesters tried to give an epithet as the Albanians protest seemed to dirt Flag to identify as among his people and nation . Such people should be prosecuted and imprisoned for such acts to the Albanian woman trying to enter the cage , the bonnet , promote unconscious , darkness , trying to get out of the way of emancipation and an Albanian native culture , but also by integrating its towards the European family .

It is widely known that we have a secular state . Intellectual pride that our wife , and culture who can not afford eyes shut as my little manipulantet Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan , speaking with his brothers . Therefore, scarves , veils and similar rags should not be transferred to institutions or in our schools , while the Kosovo now characterizes and defines itself as a secular state .

Manipulantët and these people do not belong to the Albanian nation , because Albanians who bears no handkerchief , so those who wear the headscarf or such coverings are speaking purely secular enemy waste . Their claims for headscarf and religious people should bear in mind that according to religious rules prohibiting the scientific study of religion that means all those religious believer must comply with religious rules for diving in sin and can never come from hell , neither in the world ! .

Religious believers have nothing to require scientific schools , but it seems that these people are not true believers , but only some irresponsible hypocrite to blackmail the world with Albanian woman with spiritual unrest .

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci welcomed ” brother ” as he put his sometimes Recep Tayyip Erdogan , from which the meeting , Turkish fraud through discussion and was not emerged , but without the immaturity of the Albanian leaders , who papjekuritë and without their irresponsibility cost us throughout history . We always we are lacking that Albania Albanian epicenter me , should have the wheel of the Albanian question , not remain a spectator of events in our national arena even more on?

Turkish officials did not waive their bitter past of the Ottoman conquest of terror against Albanians who did . They gave the remaining Albanians old appetites without being distanced from what you experience painful period of the Albanian people ! Be aware if Mr Erdogan , had to apologize for the Albanian people to experience time and genocide by the Ottomans . Turkish people , nor culture , nor history , nor nothing can compare to the friendly people of Germany . They were differentiated by the deeds Rudolf Hitler ‘s trial, the unmasked and therefore ignored Erdogan will tear his prestige with his political class as to denounce that period and be just an unassuming friendship and provocation in the political discourse .

Reciprocal relationships that add interest to have our friend the Turkish state without harm and without imposing as this time it was seen through green scarf and tie and veiled woman brought us poison and uncertainties in Kosovo ! ? .

Erdogan should know and others that Albanians primary state is not religion , which is aimed served us something that is not ours . should be disposed to put aside the claims , the change history , or the terms of transforming barbarians as friends or conquering Ottoman floral something paradoxical ! ! !




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