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Erdogan Opens the New Terminal at Turkey’s Newest Airport!!!!!

Recep Tayep Erdogan arrives in Kosovo to open the new terminal at Prishtina’s International airport, saying that ‘Turkey is Kosovo and Kosovo is Turkey’, which is very true as far as Prishtina’s airport is concerned. Prishtna’s International airport is now, nothing more that a satellite to Istanbul airport, with every flight on Turkish Airlines going via Istanbul even on flights to cities to the north of Kosovo putting hours and even days on the 3 hour journey.


No wonder Erdogan is in Kosovo saying great things about the Turkish owned airport, when anyone who wants to travel north has to endure hours on their journey, traveling south to Istanbul for an hour, before heading north to Europe. This is good for the Turkish economy but but an inconvenience for passengers, who want to get to their destination as quickly as possible.

Most fights from Prishtina to Europe on Turkish airlines are not likely to arrive at their destination, until the following day, which means you have to spend the night in Istanbul. This is great for Turkish Tourism but does nothing for Kosovo and is inconvenient for passengers.

British Airways had a growing dissatisfaction with the airport’s new primary owner, Limak Holding. Limak angered airlines after it significantly increased handling fees at the airport. Furthermore, British was furious after the airport owner terminated contracts with British Petroleum for the supply of aircraft fuel and selected the Kosovar Ex Fis company instead. As a result, on its flights to Prishtina, British Airways introduced refuelling stops in Dubrovnik.

Limak has had to deal with criticism from all sides. In 2012 it was involved in a spat with local authorities which accused it of violating the concession agreement, in respect to the asking price for rent of commercial space at the airport.

British Airways’ subsequent pull out will benefit Turkish Airlines the most which will be able to scoop up the remaining transit passengers. On the other hand, the city will be left without a direct air link to the British capital.

Now passengers prefer to fly direct to London from Skopje airport, in Macedonia which now runs a shuttle bus to to Prishtina, from Skopje airport, with most internationals in Kosovo not even flying from Prishtina airport anymore.

Maybe Erdogan thinks this is a good move, as Kosovar’s can travel to Turkey without a visa, but I have not met many that can afford to holiday there. Most take their holidays in Albania or Montenegro.

This is not doing much for tourism in Kosovo either, as who wants to fly all the way to Istanbul to get to Kosovo. Most tourists will come the quickest route, through Macedonia, which has been the case this year.

Since the Turkish Company took over Prishtina airport it has been a success story, only for Macedonia and Turkish Tourism.

Return of Ottoman Empire or the Spread of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law

Most of the food on our supermarket shelves is Turkish and now Turkey owns our electricity. The renovations of the mosques is being paid for by Turkey and this is the most worrying of all.

Recently a Turkish NGO was recruiting Albanians to go and fight for Jihad in Syria and we know all the terrorists from around the world are given arms and trained in Turkey before entering Syria from the Turkish border.

There are still demonstrations calling for Erdogan to stand down, as the population do not agree with his plan, to put Sharia Law before Turkish law. He has been removing the pictures of Ataturk from school classrooms and trying to ban alcohol. Just recently he has reversed the law, that forbade women to cover in schools, universities and government buildings. He is reversing all the good that Ataturk had done for Turkey and women. Ataturk would not have religion interfere with politics, but that is exactly what Erdogan wants to do. Spread Sharia law from Saudi Arabia across Turkey.

This could be a big problem for Kosovo, because when  terrorists are recruited by Turkey from countries around the world, the first thing they are given is a false passport. Many countries are refusing to take these criminals back, for fear of them spreading terrorism. So this will mean that Erdogan is going to end up with all the terrorists from around the world, living in Turkey, but it will be just as easy for them to travel to Kosovo, if the false passports happen to be Turkish.



One thought on “Erdogan Opens the New Terminal at Turkey’s Newest Airport!!!!!

  1. The article apparently aims at not serving Turkish interests. I am afraid neither Kosovan as well. What could have been more acceptable, to have an English company run the airport ? One should not forget Skopje Airport is also run by a Turkish company. So the biased claims of working for Turkish Airlines or Macedonia is not true. Besides Turkish Airlines is the company flying the biggest number of destinations in the world and chosen as the Best Airline Company for the third consecutive year. So, Turkish Airlines does not need a drop in the ocean from Prishtina airport.
    I remember recent protests against the Free Trade Agreement between Turkey and Kosovo. It is very annoying for the people protesting without really knowing what they are doing. I wonder where were those people when the same Free Trade Agreement was signed between Serbia and Kosovo ? Weren’t you trying to gain independence from the Serbs ?
    Recently I saw an exhibition of NATO in the museum of Kosovo / Prishtina. USA, Britain and Germany were praised very highly, not a single word for Turkey. Is this the way to show how you appreciate people saving you during the attrocities ? You may not know the number of people who were welcomed during the war to Turkey and support of Turkey both militarily and financially. But it is high time you learnt it. You may not Turks or Turkey. Fine.
    Turkey is big enough to look after itself, What about Kosovo ? Have you ever thought of Turkish investments and political support pulled out ? Think of this, come to your senses and see who will look after you. Your heroes, Americans cannot even show where Kosovo is, in the meantime you celebrate 4th of July. Apparently you are very happy with Eulex running your judicial system. Keep dreaming that your European friends will be there when you need them. But once you turn your back to Turkey good luck !

    Posted by Thrasarich | October 28, 2013, 10:07 am

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