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Close the border with Kosovo, Macedonia

The situation between Kosovo and Macedonia is on the increase. Indeksonline now teaches Macedonian authorities have blocked all border crossings with Kosovo and Kosovars are not left to return to their country.


Still not known who ordered the police to block boundaries, but during the day today, Skopje, Macedonian media reported that officials are discussing the imposition of visas for citizens of Kosoës. / Indeksonline /


Some people, with their trucks have blocked Macedonia-Kosovo border tonight, the shooter to sign embargoes goods.

Indeksonline sources have said that the road is blocked in some part of Macedonia from businessman to reason that their goods have not been able to enter Kosovo.

Indeksonline also teaches that left many citizens of Kosovo road waiting for release and opening of border highway.

Blockade near the Macedonian police is now, but still not decided on further steps. / Indeksonline /



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