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Arnauti: Albanians fighting in Syria, motivated fundamentalist, potential risk for Kosovo

Historian Kosovo descent from Muhammad Mufaku-Arnauti Syria during an interview in the magazine show info Klan Kosova appeared concerned about the participation of Albanians in the civil war in Syria. Arnauti stated that Albanians are fighting side by side with Islamic fundamentalists and Syrian terrorist groups.Albanians have figured armed struggle to create a fundamentalist Islamic state in Syria. They are trained and are battling it out. Will someday return to Kosovo for the same idea and it is very dangerous. The battlefield is not the Albanians in Syria, but it is here.


“Syria has become an Afghanistan, said further Arnauti groups have come from Tunisia, and Libya, the Balkans and elsewhere. But mention the murder of a preacher from Skopje to battle with the Kurds. How is it possible that the same person who fought for the independence of Kosovo, the fight against Kurds demand their rights, which undoubtedly deserve, he stressed.

“The Islamic community and other institutions should not stay indifferent towards this development. First of media, the Islamic Community of Kosovo Government should urgently meet and discuss such a thing. Take something much too late, “concluded Arnauti.





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