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“Axos” Sought Mortgage to Purchase PTK

The privatization of Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo (PTK) has no legal basis and the investor should know this. This is the message that the opposition parties have followed the company “Axos & Najafi Companies”, which is near failure of the privatization of 75 percent of the shares of PTK. But it seems to have little relevance to the potential buyer, because its requirements relating to financial matters more than legal.


Sources of the newspaper “Tribuna” suggest that “Axos” asked to discuss contracts for the privatization of PTK, point by point. “They requested that payment be made for privatization annual installments.

Requirements “Axos & Najafi Companies” are not stopping there. The company also requested that the Government of Kosovo to allow “Axosit” to let mortgage PTK to use credit in order to effect payment to the Government “, show sources close to the developments in this process. This, according to them, was the reason for the extension for a while because they disagree with the institutions. / Tribune /




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