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Call For Action Against Turning Kosovo into a Criminal State

Last night there was a call for action in Prishtina against the controversial law due to be passed next week to give ‘Amnesty’ to all criminals and corrupt politicians. The government is being pressured to pass this law by the USA and EU. 


Confirmation of just what a puppet of the USA the Thaci government is. Voted in as Prime Minister through a corrupt election, where votes went missing an people were paid to make null votes of any other than those for the PDK. The government is now just a puppet of the USA and has to do what it is told to do.

Any Politician that Votes for this Law, is an Admission of their Guilt of Corruption and should never be trusted again.

ashtonThe citizens of Kosova are well aware that their government is corrupt and will not standby and let them pass a law which will give them amnesty for their crimes and turn the country into a criminal state for the sake of Catherine Ashton to get her peace plan through fast before she retires to show that she has actually done something. She has made no secret that she is doing this to get Serbia into the EU. She talks about doing this for the people of North Mitrovica which is run by Serbia illegally. The Serbs there are subsidised by Serbia and are paid more than the Albanians in Kosovo. As usual Ashton makes  decisions, without knowing the facts.

Representatives of Citizen Groups, are calling for support to fight for the rights of the people of Kosovo to be safe from criminal activities, which the US now condone.

Rron Gjinovci from KIPRED called for the citizens of Prishtina to take action against this travesty of justice, being made law.

Rron Gjinovci: I ask the Ambassadors: How come that they push forward such a Law, while all the time accuses institutions for corruption and organized crime? Why they are contradicting themselves? How you would feel dear ambassador, if your 23 old child instead of studying, he would be dragged in the streets by police and arrested? how you would feel ambassador, when your 23 old child wouldn’t have had any perspective in his country…due to high level of corruption and organized crime of politicians and their clique… please ambassador, do not support legitimization of crime, do not put at risk our future, because we plan to live in this country…

While Rron Gjinovci was speaking, three policemen came along and tried to pull him off the bench. The crowd then shouted at the police and all rushed forward to protect Rron from the police. Seeing they were outnumbered by the crown, the police let him go, making the excuse that people had complained about the noise of one man speaking, when a band was just about to start playing a few metres away.

Shpend Kursani:  We ask the international community, Ambassadors of Kosovo’s foreign partners, and the EU representatives to get their hands off the Kosovo Assembly who should represent the will of the people and not the will of few Ambassadors. We ask them to let the Assembly freely decide on their own. But given that many of the MPs are there as a reault of stolen votes to which many of these Ambassadors have closed their eyes, we ask all the people of Kosovo to come before the Kosovo Assembly and resist this criminal law, and you will see dear citizens that the power that will derive from our unity will manage to resist the outside interference and pressure even from those considered the most powerful. We can do this together as we said it before.

There is a call for everyone to gather outside the government offices to show they will no longer tolerate the government passing a law which will give themselves amnesty to criminal acts. This is not the time to sit back and let other people do the demonstrating, because this law will affect you and your family. If  you care about the future of your country then you should support your fellow citizens. Don’t complain about it, when it is too late.

The group of citizens invited all civil society organizations to support the second letter, as 34 NGOs have supported the first letter sent on the 4th July.

To: Head of EU Office in Kosovo/EUSR, Head of Mission EULEX, Embassies of the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy.
We, the undersigned representatives of Kosovo’s civil society, express through this open letter our deepest concern regarding the current draft of the Law on Amnesty. If the current version of the Law is enacted, this will undermine the entire rule of law efforts in Kosovo.

The Law on Amnesty derives from the First Agreement of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. In principle, amnesty is necessary to reintegrate northern part of Kosovo in our legal framework. However, amnesty for northern part of Kosovo cannot be an overall amnesty for 69 criminal offences in the other parts of Kosovo. The current draft Law provides universal amnesty in Kosovo among others on tax evasion; damaging and illegally owning public and private property; illegal medical and pharmaceutical activities and contraband; violation of human rights; nepotism; espionage and/or expropriation of public services. If the current draft Law on Amnesty is enacted, the pardon provisions will seriously hamper the entire work on fighting organized crime, corruption and financial crime by Kosovo’s judiciary and prosecution; by EULEX; and will also seriously endanger the rule of law criteria specified in Visa Liberalization Roadmap; Rule of Law Dialogue with the EU; the upcoming SAA negotiations; and in short the entire investment for a just Kosovo in the last 14 years.

The current draft Law on Amnesty – if enacted – will present the final blow to hard work of thousands of Kosovars and international partners in Kosovo who have been working on a state based on rule of law. We strongly believe that the current draft Law should be reconsidered and returned for a democratic and procedural debate and expertise where civil society and public hearings can be part of, in order to obtain a new Amnesty Law which should serve to both the reintegration of northern part of Kosovo as well as successful rule of law in the entire state.

Please, Excellencies, accept assurances of our highest consideration,

The undersigned:

1. KIPRED (Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development);
2. CRDP (Center for Research Documentation and Publication);
3. CPA (Center for Policy and Advocacy);
4. GLPS (Group for Legal and Political Studies);
5. Syri i Vizionit;
6. KCD (Kosovo Center for Diplomacy);
7. KCCS (Kosovo Centre for Security Studies);
8. IKS (Kosovo Stability Initiative);
9. FOL Movement;
10. PCFR (Prishtina Council on Foreign Relations);
11. Besa Shahini – Policy Analyst;
12. ECMI Kosova (European Center for Minority Issues);
13. DokuFest;
14. INPO (Initiative for Progress);
15. Yll Rugova – civil society activist;
16. CRP/K (Civil Rights Program Kosovo);
17. VISTA;
18. INDEP (Institute for Development Policy);
19. KDI (Kosovo Democratic Institute);
20. KCSF (Kosovar Civil Society Foundation);
21. GAP Institute;
22. Ec Ma Ndryshe;
23. Valdete Idrizi – civil society activist;
24. NGO Zana;
25. YAHR (Youth Association for Human Rights);
26. CDF (Community Development Fund);
27. KRCTV (Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims);
28. CBM (Community Building Mitrovica);
29. Riinvest Institute;
30. KADC (Kosovo Advocacy and Development Centre);
31. KAAD (Kosovo Agency for Advocacy and Development);
32. KWN (Kosovo Women’s Network);
33. NOPM (Network of Peace Movement;)

The second letter:

To: Head of EU Office in Kosovo/EUSR, Head of Mission EULEX, Embassies of the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy.

Subject: Second Open Letter of Kosovo’s civil society on Law on Amnesty

6 July, 2013, Prishtina

Dear Excellencies,

We, the undersigned would like to address you further following our letter dated on the 4th July, 2013 where we expressed our concerns regarding the ongoing draft Law on Amnesty. You are all aware that the named draft Law did not pass in the Parliament last Thursday and as such it has been re-worked by the Government of Kosovo only superficially. We fear that the main substance that we have criticized in our letter to you remains unchanged.

Therefore this compels us once again to reiterate our concerns and pledge with you not to support the undemocratic procedures of processing this law further in its present shape and form. The Amnesty Law is a Constitutional Law and it has to have 2/3 of the votes in the Parliament. Further, due to its importance the law should have undergone institutional and public debates as well as the involvement of the CSOs and various experts in the field to contribute in the drafting.

We are aware, so are you, that the present draft Law does not fulfill European standards, recent media reports coming from Brussels confirm this. Moreover, this draft Law poses serious challenges to the functioning the rule of law throughout the whole Republic of Kosovo. We understand fully that this draft Law is important because it derives directly from the Kosovo-Serbia Agreement of 19th April, 2013. Nonetheless, and with all due respect we see it slightly differently, we believe this draft Law will compromise our joint efforts to fight organized crime and corruption, in proper and sustainable manner. The most problematic parts are the ones directly referring to the economic aspects knowing that they can be misinterpreted and purposefully used to favor some of our allegedly corrupt institutional officials especially since its publicly know that our rule of law state pillar is not capable yet to deal with the problems of this nature.

To date the CSO signatories of the letter dated on July 04, 2013 regarding the Amnesty Law have shown integrity and the will of that part of Kosovo society for the just and proper integration of the north of Kosovo provided that short cuts are not introduced as a substitute to proper and sustainable policies. Thus the signatories of the this letter ask you to allow ample time for the appropriate institutions and CSOs as well as other elements of the society to debate and re-draft the most important laws, in this case the Amnesty Law, for the long-term vital development of the Kosovo society, just like in your respective countries.

Yet again, we strongly believe that the current draft Law should be reconsidered and returned for a democratic and procedural debate and expertise where civil society and public hearings can be part of, in order to obtain a new Amnesty Law which should serve as twofold, the reintegration of northern part of Kosovo as well as successful rule of law in the entire state.

Please, Excellencies, accept assurances of our highest consideration,

Please show your support for this second letter. Support your fellow citizens who are demonstrating outside the government buildings in Mother Theresa Boulevard, day and night until next Thursday. These people are doing it for you and your future.




3 thoughts on “Call For Action Against Turning Kosovo into a Criminal State

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