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Wikileaks publishes affair Pristina airport


1.7 million new documents published on “Wikielaks” You can find the new documents on Kosovo.

One of these documents is the document upon tender irregularity the Prishtina Airport. Statement Cargo Department ‘s fraud .


In July 2004, the investigative task force (ITF) was provided with a copy of letter dated 28 May 2004 by the manager of transportation of cargo (cargo’s) to an airline to a member of the staff of public enterprise airport. In this paper transport manager was referring to some problems related to an invoice issued in April 2004 by the Department of Transportation of Pristina airport KFOR cargo transported in one of NATO’s member states. At that time, the Pristina airport staff report to this bill had not found the financial records of the airport and therefore the commission of fraud by the department of transportation staff was suspected.


Pristina airport is the agent responsible for the airlines and cargo handling (cargo) for import and export. Airline (airline) is a member of the State of KFOR’it

Pristina Airport collects revenues from charges on behalf of the Airline (Airlines) and depositing these entries in the bank account Airline (airline) after deducting the appropriate committee.

Issues identified in the letter from the manager of Cargo Line associated with high rate (€ 0.50/kg) in charge of Pristina airport for shipment; actually bill was sent incorrectly in the Member State KFOR’it instead of their agent Airline; and inadequate increase value added tax (VAT), which is not practiced in international traffic

Conclusions and recommendations (case number 0261/04)

Investigative task force (ITF) was not able to create an explanation for the difficulty in tracking, transaction dossier about the bill mentioned. Entry may have been overlooked or simply delayed due to error sending invoice April 2004.

ITF this memorandum had advised that evidence of fraud, loss or wrong doing was not identified in this case, so no further action was required.

The ITF had recommended to replace the words “tax fraud” terminology “bill of Pristina Airport charges”



Njofur portal Wikileaks yesterday published the 1.7 million classified documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs U.S. and its partners.

Such documentation as the main topic of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but you can find other information from around the world. Wikileaks informs that all documents are located on the server in the format “PDF” but that system a server can render them in the format “TXT”, which facilitates traffic and kvtyre reading documents. / Indeksdonline /




One thought on “Wikileaks publishes affair Pristina airport

  1. This is really amazing. Searching about the Pristina Airport will make it easier. Thank to wikileaks! 🙂

    Posted by Yogi | October 30, 2013, 8:25 am

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