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Just a Patch Up for Prishtina’s Famous Symbol

Kosovo government makes a decision without consulting anyone, to painted statue monument, with the same color as it was.


This government constantly, now 5 years, rejects the request of the author, to establish a foundation, to dye every year otherwise open a kiosk, where they were selling souvenirs statue, with the money which would maintain the monument itself without charge the taxpayer.

This year, the idea was to ngjyrosej with flags of states that have recognized Kosovo, but the government has ignored the idea. Instead, the statue is already covered with a layer of color, nor removal of rust, nor is maintained.

Moreover, the author’s proposal was to ngjyrote monument at their own expense, without charge public money, but the government has decided to give the job a company bojaxhish from Skenderaj (seen at the door kamionetës in this photo).

NEWBORN 5 years now reflects the situation in Kosovo: The neglected forgotten. Now, I shall give you a hand the same color, with no meaning, only that it looks more “clean”, continuing to leave the worm inside.

Bad improviser. Shame!



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