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Serbs are Playing with Fire

Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, in an interview with Croatian newspaper, “Jurarnji list”, says Serbs are risking their European future, as long as they know that the issue of borders in the Balkans is resolved.

The Prime Minister said “Jurarnji list”, his trip from Brussels to Zagreb will not be misconstrued in Belgrade.

Croatian newspaper in question, whether it comes in those meetings to “partition” of Kosovo, what is speculated to Serbia, or there will be discussion of political and territorial autonomy for Serbs what you know how to speak the Serbian Prime Minister Dacic, Thaci said he was tired of talking about such proposals Serbia.

“I do not know why they all revolve around time. Such proposals are already not fun, nor understandable. They can not serve as Serbian interior mess. Ivica Dacic best knows the facts, “said the Prime Minister.

Croatian newspaper, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci reiterated once again that Kosovo’s borders are inviolable, since it said that Serbs play with fire.

“The creation of states and the determination of borders in the Balkans is the process completed. This clearly said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a recent visit in our region. If Serbia continues to insist on the change of boundaries, not only in Kosovo, then it could turn against her. Serbia must understand if sparks this “Gace border” could end up as then, against Belgrade. Playing with fire, “said the prime minister.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister has reiterated once again that Serbia has made genocide in Kosovo. He said that many times has repeatedly Ivica Dacic that Kosovo is an independent state which until now has been recognized by more than 90 countries worldwide.

“Kosovo has chosen the path of European integration. But, if necessary, will repeat for perhaps many times the story of an independent Kosovo.Serbia has made genocide in Kosovo. There Milosevic’s rule of terror. Are filed against him, and have gained independence in cooperation with our friends and allies in the world. Kosovo is unique and indivisible. This is proven by the most important international actors. In this context, I am for regional cooperation, good neighborliness, “said Prime Minister Thaçi newspaper” Jurarnji list “, which transmits Express.

While the integration of Serbs, the Prime Minister said that Serbs in Kosovo are part of our population, Kosovo is their country.

“I hope that they, as well as in Belgrade, in the end will prevail conviction that should be integrated into the Kosovo society, and not to live parallel lives, leading parallel political institutions. It does not bring anywhere.Belgrade should remove them parallel institutions because they are a burden both for us and for them, and especially creating confusion among Kosovo Serbs as creating false hopes and you prevent that whole national, political and social engage in life Kosovo “, said the Prime Minister. / Indeksonline /




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