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This is the USA Success Story in Democracy and a Puppet of the US Prime Minister

The USA are always calling Kosovo their success story of democracy. Here is the success, when a peaceful demonstration against the Government, by the Kosovars, who want to rule their own country. A peaceful demonstration against Prime Minister Thaçi’s meeting with Serbian Dacic, which was organised by Catherine Ashton of the EU, which would only benefit Serbia.

It is clear that Prime Minister Thaçi does what he is told to do instead of listening to his own people.

The peaceful demonstration was outnumbered by 3 to 1 with police in full riot gear, who blocked off Mother Theresa Boulevard to prevent the few demonstrators walking towards the government buildings.

The following films and photos will show you how the police reacted to this small demonstration with such force.

At this stage the police would not let the demonstrators go any further.

The peaceful demonstrators were sprayed with tear gas.

Over 30 activists and citizens are arrested. Lobbyist Delegation, Mr. Boiken Abazi is abused in the police station. Also abused and a student, which was passersby.




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