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Police beat Adem Jashari Nephew

Police did not “withhold” any of the students gathered today in front of the University of Pristina to protest. By Kosovo police beat the president of the Student Parliament, Fazli Jashari, Rifat Jashari son, grandson of the hero Adem Jashari.

For this reacted a group of former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army and former members of the Kosovo Protection Corps.

“We feel deeply offended and outraged with Kosovo Police’s brutal behavior against a member, and the grandson of the holy family Jashari, Fazli Rifat Jashari, head of Pristina Faculty Student Parliament, in a protest organized entirely peaceful and fair, where by Dr policemen. Bajram Rexhepi was not spared either Fazli Rifat Jashari, “said in a statement, reported KP.

“We, the former members of the former KPC unemployed, I feel very badly affected and offended by this vandal and cowardly act of the Government, the Minister Rexhepi. Request as soon as possible to react and be treated as a specific case and punish those officers who exercised styled violence against one of the members of the Jashari family, “said the communiqué Initiative Group of the Council for the Protection of the Rights former KPC members, now jobless, led by Shqiprim Lika. / Telegraph /



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