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Mitrovica – Milan Markovic from Mitrovica says that the Kosovo Police officers without order was detained and interrogated for murdering of Kosovar Albanian, Selver Haradinaj as well for punching him several times.

Everything started at ’’Bosniac Mahala“when Markovic is living with his family.

’’I was going to work, there was a car ’’Golf 5“parked, and I thought they are searching for someone. They said to me ’’good afternoon“in Serbian language, and they requested my documents. I gave to them the UNMIK ID card, when they saw my name they pushed me into the car and we moved, as I saw toward south of Mitrovica. They started to accuse me for setting the explosive device at the Three Towers neighborhood, in April“.

According to Markovic, interogation continued on a roadside extension, afterword in the police car too. ’’They send me in the forest, it was already frightening. They hit me twice in the shoulder“.

He says that afterword he was returned back at the south part of Mitrovica, at the place when police kept him, and when the EULEX guy came, he was released. After this happened, Makrovic went to the police station in the south of Mitrovica to discover what is the problem about. The Spokesman of Kosovo Police, Baki Kelani stressed that during the day, he could say something about this case. Markovic is married, father of two childs and uneployed.



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