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Aleksandar Vulin to Visit Kosovo Tomorrow

Belgrade – The Director of the Office for Serbian Government, Aleksandar Vulin, today and tomorrow will visit Kosovo; announced that office.

Belgrade – The Director of the Office for Serbian Government, Aleksandar Vulin

Vulin during his first visit to the Serbian citizens Kosovo since he took over duty as Director of Government Office for Kosovo will visit Prizren, Shtrpce, Rrahovec and the Velika Hoca. In the framework of the visit in Prizren, Vulin will visit the Monastery of Holy Archangels and the Prizren Seminary; he also scheduled the visit to the monastery Zocishte.
Before coming in Kosovo, Vulin stated for Frankfurt news that Serbia until now only had to full fill several conditions, and that now Serbs in negotiations for the first time in 12 years will have some requests.

“If you ask who is protecting the Serbs in Kosovo, especially in the south of the Ibar River, I say no one. Besides us, the way in which we can. If there is no state of Serbia, do you think that they would survive? I cannot guarantee them security, but that they will better and fairer life, that I can, “said Vulin for Frankfort News

“Since this Office started working, we pressure the representatives of the international community – from the emigration of the Center for Peace in Pristina until the arrest of Aleksandar Bulatovic and beating of the returnee Milos Cukic in Peja. I wonder why around of these things was not previously engaged. Ministry for Kosovo withdrew our request for the estimation of

constitutionality of privatization in Kosovo. I don’t understand why, but this office will renew that request. We will go in front of international courts”, said Vulin. The initiative of President Tomislav Nikolic that UN should return in negotiating process as Vulin consideres is the only way.
“I wish that every municipality in Kosovo to tie strongly with at least two-three municipalities in Central Serbia. Why shouldn’t we have, for example, days of the Strpce municipality let say in Zemun”, said Vulin, reports B92.



One thought on “Aleksandar Vulin to Visit Kosovo Tomorrow

  1. ..you can be onlt friends of albanians.., not Kosovo and Methohia!! remmember that one for all

    Posted by Sasa | September 7, 2012, 8:48 pm

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