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Thaçi Sells Out Kosova’s Reputation in the World in Support of Terrorism

Within weeks of a public demonstration, to condemn terrorism in Kosova, then the Thaci Government comes out in support of  terrorism and even agrees to train Libyan Terrorists in Kosova.

He is in fact training citizens of one country to invade and kill in another country, as these Libyans are being trained to go and fight in Syria. It is a well known fact now that the “Oppostion” is Syria is made up of terrorist groups of Al Qaeda, FSA and Muslim Brotherhood, who have all claimed responsibility for bomb blasts and car bombs which have killed the military and innocent people.

The three Libyans above, who, in their own words, have come not to fight, but “to assess the needs of the Syrian revolutionary brothers.” The Libyans do not try to hide their identities. These are men close to Abdelhakim Belhadj, the current military governor of Tripoli and former jihadist with links to al Qaeda in the past.

These terrorist groups, kidnap innocent people on their way to or from work. They are then decapitated and their torso dumped in the street to be found by the family. Then they blackmail the family for money to have the head returned. The family end up  paying the money so they can bury their sons body whole.

These butchers film their actions and there are many films of them cutting young mens heads off with a small knife when they are still alive. These crimes against humanity are happening every day and now the Thaci government is going to help these butchers.

Thaci a man who is fighting allegations against him for organ trafficking, has now linked his his name with these butchers. He has now taken his country back 10 years, as all the charges against the KLA are now brought into the headlines again. You would think that being associated with these butchers was the last thing he would want, but now he has put a nail in Kosova’s coffin of respectability. Warning some of the links are graphic.

It has been well documented that Serbians and have been training and terrorist groups around the world and Serbs are also fighting with the terrorists in Syria.

This looks like a deal that Hillary Clinton would have made with Thaci on his recent trip to the USA. While the rest of the world has now admitted that the opposition are terrorist, Clinton does a deal with Thaci, thinking the Albanians are stupid we will use them to do our dirty work. The Albanian people are not stupid, and far more intelligent than the Americans, but obviously Thaci is not one of these, because how could anyone think that Libyans are the opposition party of Syria?  One country can only be an opposition to another if there is a war.

All the people who have come to Kosova to make a difference and help the people and the country has been in vain. All the good work has been undone by one stupid decision, which even Americans in this country and around the world condemn.

Death Squads being trained by US  in Kosova

The USA cannot deny this anymore now that NATO soldiers are training Libyans in Kosova to go and kill in Syria.



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